Tomorrow’s successful businesses are the ones that
recruit, develop and retain their workforce today.

JeMM Consultants empowers you to take charge of your own training and professional development initiatives.

Whether it’s just guidance on “how to” or a full training solution, JeMM Consultants can help. Plus, our web-based platform enables us to serve you in all your locations.

We identify the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for your workforce. Then our programs provide your employees with a full range of fundamental business skills and practices appropriate to your organization.

We support you with:

Guidance through your human resources and training processes
Front-End Analysis to identify organizational and training needs tailored to your corporate objectives
Development and delivery of customized in-house technical and soft skills training programs
Conversion of classroom instructor-led training to synchronous eLearning
Certification of your employees in essential business skills (public workshops and on-site)
Training your trainers to deliver the Certified Business Professional program
Access to a virtual consultant for all your training-related questions
Development of reward and recognition programs for your top performers
And much more.

You can do it. We’ll get you there.

No matter the task at hand, JeMM Consultants will help you to implement training programs that will improve both productivity and quality of performance in your workplace.

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